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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Show Season Show Cards!!

Well all this pageantry and carrying on about show cards is quite exciting. Each season the model agencies try to out do each other in the way of presentation and imaging. Some get it right and many don't and many shouldn't bother as their talent stable resembles exactly that- a stable and in some cases a kennel!
Some of the agencies go to great lengths creating and then others just seem to use Microsoft clip art and send out a scrubmbly (A word I have invented)mish mash of sheer garbage. Anyway I just got off the phone to Delois ( Hi Steven,lunch next week with the girls? xo)and we had a long chat and a giggle about some of the bad packages. But I am going to just chat on about a few of the interesting ones another time as they derserve attention.

I posted the following comment on that wonderful site under the name of "International man of Style" to give you an idea of a good show package and here is what I said about the Boss Models package:

"I love the overall look that Boss are going for.It’s clear,crisp with a definite theme to it. But one asks- is a theme really important in this day and age of “faceless fast food models?” Especially when the men’s side of the business is drowning in lower fees,over population and a strange belief that any tattooed funky looking kid can become a star overnight (Thanks Hedi…who I need to call as he has 7 of my stars on hold for campaigns). If I were a client I would love this package as you can see all the boys without distraction except for the helmet thing on a few of their heads. I just dont know about the helmuts-what if a boy has just got a great new cut from Garren or Oribe-Why hide it?
The Boss package does deliver fashion clarity and I get it. I do. I love that whole military cadet look that is going on here.It’s simple and sends a very fresh message that reflects the “vibe and direction” that this legendary star making stable is putting out there.
It reminds me of a party that Karl,Donatella and I hosted for Madonna back in 2003 where she demanded that all the boys dress up in a military theme. It was fabulous! It was a 4 K night- Kate,Kylie,Karolina and Karl!
I dressed up as a British Palace guard and Karl later referenced my look in a story he shot for German Vogue! Oh well have to run as I have such a busy day ahead here in Paris and Martine Sitbon is late for brunch!!
Concluding I give the Boss package the nod."

And some idiot replied in such a negative way that I was a name dropper! Here is my reply:

To simmasimma: "Well to you I may sound like an idiot but lets remember one thing here-in fashion -High fashion (which is a community that I am a member of) knowing the people that I do just comes with the job darling. Lets face it, I am regarded as a fashion Icon in certain circles with great respect. Just last week I was asked by a certain sittings editor for Vogue Paris (which you probably call French Vogue,read the actual title) about what she should wear to a shoot. I replied “what you have on is fine darling but remember that teal doesn’t always match gray,especially with fuchsia leggings, even in this weather!” and with that she changed!! By the way brunch with Martine was fabulous and we were joined by Marc Ascoli,Giselle and Beyonce! I even checked in for Giselle with her agency! Anyway they all agreed with my comments about this seasons show cards and suggested that I create my own blog…as well as my own perfume line. ta ta."

I really cant be bothered at the moment to write anymore as I have a huge day tomorrow and need some beauty sleep. I will put on a pair of fuzzy slippers have a glass or 3 of Petrus (that's a fine wine for those who don't live in a major city) and watch a video of Mahogany.
Go and check the show package reviews.
Ta Ta!

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